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Putin and the Moon


Putin and the Moon

It’s interesting to follow the astrology of someone like Vladimir Putin as larger events unfold. As it turns out he seems to be very in tune with (or susceptible to?) the energy of the moon and his actions frequently line up with its movement. When someone is this in tune with the moon, I sometimes wonder if they are consulting an astrologer because their timing is amazing. So either/or, maybe both with someone like Putin. Of course he also has a strong 12th house which makes him potentially sensitive to others energy as well. I think it’s too bad that someone like Putin was probably raised to ignore this in a toxic way, but you can’t really get rid of this knowledge, so it comes out sideways, with suspicion, deception, sneaking about.

Here is a short breakdown of some recent events around Russia’s war on Ukraine and what is coming up next potentially.

02/21/22 Moon in Scorpio conjunct Ascendant, Venus- declares two regions of Ukraine to be independent (false flag created)

02/22/22 Moon in Scorpio in 1st house- troops into independent regions for “peacekeeping”

(utilizing shadow Scorpio energy to bring deception, betrayal, lies, power issues)

02/24-22 Moon in Sagittarius, Putin invades Ukraine (note moon is in 1st house of US, 2nd of Putin) (Sagittarius energy brings movement to the energy created by the previous deceptions).

02/26 Moon in Capricorn, sanctions from other countries increasing, Putin himself in bunker

02/27 Moon in Capricorn conjunct Venus, Mars, Pluto (US Pluto return point)- Putin announces Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces on high alert [Capricorn is organization, structures, public energy and using Venus (abundance), Mars (war/action), Pluto (power)].

[Later Moon in Aquarius, discussion of Ukraine and Russia meeting; France calling for ceasefire before peace talks, increase in ability to bring humanitarian aid (Aquarius rules humanitarian acts]

02/28/22 Peace talks scheduled, note Moon will be in Aquarius, conjunct Mercury and Saturn. (this can bring some hope in terms of Aquarius’ humanitarian angel, but Putin has been using the Aquarian energy to dig more rigidly into his own ideas that he knows what is best for the collective. So we will have to wait and see.)

The other transit to watch here is the Moon in Aquarius conjoining Putin’s North Node, another potential to realign with a higher path and destiny (but probably not the one the ego thinks it is.)

03/02/22 Looking ahead to the New Moon in Pisces gives the potential for increased connection and compassion, creative ways forward. I imagine this will impact other countries and their humanitarian efforts for Ukraine as well as Ukraine’s resolve. For Putin, there is certainly the potential for finding compassion for others. The way he has been using the Jupiter in Pisces energy in his own chart though leads me to believe he will increase fantasy thinking and delusion to double down on a new beginning for his home.

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