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Jupiter In Pisces

Jupiter transited into the watery sign of Pisces on December 28th, 2021. The initial transit started earlier in the year, with a brief period from May 13th-July 28th. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, which means the energy expands easily here. It will stay here until May 10th, 2022 when it starts its transit in Aries. It then pops back in from Oct 28th-Dec 19th, 2022. It takes about 12 years to move through each sign. The last time Jupiter was in Pisces was during 2010 so you might consider expansive or "BIG" themes during that time.

As a breakdown, Jupiter rules expansion, wisdom, luck, higher learning, the law. It can show us potential and all of the possibilities Life can offer. It is the largest planet, so things can go BIG during a Jupiter transit. As a benefic planet, the transits generally offer support and hope and can show us the way to something better.

The sign of Pisces rules connection, compassion, and creativity. It rules the 12th house where we find dreams, psychology, the unconscious mind, in addition to things like film, photography, music. This sign also feels A LOT and can connect to the emotions of others as well. Here we find empathy and spiritual connection, as well as a hint at our ideals.

With Jupiter transiting Pisces we can expect energy for the arts, for creativity, for immersing ourselves into art and that experience- music, concerts, film fests, new creative endeavors, classes, expanding our boundaries for the arts and what is possible.

We can also expect a deep dive into spiritual pursuits. Connecting with Spirit and our inner selves through dreams, meditation, yoga, energy work as well as other means of spiritual connection including religious services, spiritual retreats, an inquiry into who we are as a species and our connection to the whole.

Keep in mind too that while Jupiter is a benefic planet, as the largest planet it does tend to magnify things. There may be some larger issues with water, with flooding, with record rain/snow because of it's placement in Pisces, a water sign. We may also see issues with mental health, addiction, people retreating from reality in other other ways. Issues with boundaries or a lack of boundaries can show up. It can bring an expansion of fantasy thinking and illusions that can blur what is real, what is possible, what isn't happening at all.

Ultimately, the hope is that we can follow this mystical, creative energy to help us align with a deeper connection with ourselves and the planet. Working with the North and South Nodes now transiting Taurus and Scorpio, there is a potential to show us an increased depth of the human experience that taps into areas that we may have been ignoring..

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