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Jessica Huber
Astrologer, Psychic, Tarot Reader

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Sun in the 9th house, Pisces moon in the 11th- I am an astrologer, tarot reader and psychic who enjoys working with others to clarify your life's path to bring meaning and purpose to your choices and present experience. This can mean looking at relationships, work, belief systems, and how those show up both externally and internally. I've taken psychic classes at the Boulder Psychic Institute and have been studying astrology and tarot independently for the last several years. In addition to giving readings here, I have given thousands of readings on the Sanctuary Astrology app. I recently earned a Certificate of Animal Communication with the Boulder Psychic Institute and enjoy working with pets and animal energy in my readings.

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Holding Tarot Card


1/2 hour reading sliding scale $65/$100/$150

Readings can look at any questions you are currently grappling with- life path, relationships, work, spirituality. Spirit uses tarot cards to communicate what it wants us to know. I love tarot for the story it tells and for its honesty.

Astrology Dice


1/2 hour reading sliding scale $65/$100/$150

Astrology readings can look at your natal chart, current transits, life path, relationships, work, life patterns. I also specialize in karmic or soul contract readings in relationships and how the soul purpose shows up in this life. I will need your date, time, and place of birth for the most accurate reading. If you don't have time of birth we can still look at the chart without houses and discuss what rising sign you *might* have based on your experience.

Candle Burning Ritual


1/2 hour reading sliding scale $65/$100/$150

Clairvoyant/Empath readings focus on interpreting images and energy around issues you are currently facing and checking in with life path- relationships, work, spirituality. Pet readings work with the relationship between you and your companion animal. I also do animal ally (totem) animal readings.

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Ready for a reading? Fill out the form here and we can schedule something at your convenience :) I am open to using multiple modalities so if you have a hard time choosing which "type" of reading you would like, that's no problem. Once you contact me I will also give you my payment information and you can choose which sliding scale amount applies to you. Readings are currently over the phone.

Instagram: @bunchapurpleflowers

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